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Gloria : An IoT Enabled Chatbot Ecosystem.

Over the years, inanimate things talking has been an intriguing subject. Movies like Beauty And The Beast have added an uncanny whimsy around the subject. Five years ago if somebody would have told me that your fridge will talk to you one day and tell you when you need to buy milk and vegetables, I would have shrugged my shoulders and laughed it off too. But the advancement in artificial intelligence and natural language processing has brought this dream within the cusps of reality. Simultaneously the development in the internet of things sphere has provided a medium of communication to all the devices surrounding us. Gloria is an ecosystem that lies at the crossroads of these three incredible phenomena. It combines AI, NLP, and IoT into a compact system that lets you control everything surrounding you at the command of your voice.



Gloria Architecture and Flow

An android application listens for the voice commands from the user. It converts these voice commands to text using android.speech library. A server hosts a Mosquitto message broker and a java application with artificial intelligence markup language component. The text command is transferred to the java application via the MQTT Message Broker. This message is processed by the AIML component and then the corresponding reply is sent back to the smartphone over the MQTT broker. Also, this conversation is saved into the Cassandra database for future references. Depending on the reply received the smartphone either goes to Google API to fetch information requested by the user like weather and news or controls one of the appliances via the Bluetooth Low Energy and Arduino circuit. Simultaneously, the android application converts this textual reply to speech and conveys it back to the user. Thus Gloria helps the user to get the information he needs and empowers him to control his environment just by giving vocal commands to a mobile application.


Gloria being an ecosystem has various applications and use cases :

  1. Helping the differently abled and old people to control the appliances without any hindrance.
  2. Helps the retail business owners by providing a touch of personalization to their customers. A customer could request information like store location, merchandise availability, and various other FAQs and would get the detailed information in the human voice.
  3. Moreover, such devices could be placed in stores where user instead of looking for an employee asks about the product he/she wants into one of the android/ios devices placed on the kiosk. The device not only points the customer to the exact location of the product, it also tells the customer about the offers on that product.
  4. Smart homes and offices are two of the major applications.
  5. Voice controlled security solutions with theft monitoring.
  6. Set reminders for meetings and alarms to wake up.
  7. Retrieve any information from the internet.
  8. Learn what user tells it and then give suggestions on basis of that.
  9. Auto-replies to calls with customised messages.

Awards :

  1. Winner of Global POC Challenge 2016.


2.  Fourth most powerful smart city idea at Nasscom’s TachNgage Smart Cities Hackathon.

img-20160924-wa0007              NasscomTechNgage

Source Code :

Gloria Source Code.

Electrack : Electricity Tracking Powered By DS and IoT

Electrack is a smart electricity management ecosystem which helps to track the electricity consumption, predict the future consumption and track down the losses and theft of electricity. It uses IoT paired with Big Data analytics to achieve this.

  1. Smart Meter measures the units of electricity consumed , which it transfers to the server using IoT . Based on this data the server calculates the bill to be paid for this month and reports to the Mobile App of the user. Users can also pay their bill through the mobile application.
  2. Apart from this, users can track their electricity consumption for current as well as past months. Users can also visualize their daily consumption based on real time data.
  3. The USP of Electrack is the analytics algorithm which predicts the future consumption based on current & past usage. Another interesting feature is anomaly detection, which detects theft, electricity faults, wastage based on real time data analysis.

Architectural Flow Diagram :



Checkout the source code at:

To Run The App : Download the source code zip It contains Electrack.apk Install it in the device

Go to sign in screen and sign in with following credentials:

User Module : Username: U1 Password : electra1234 Admin Module Username: U3 Password : electra1234

P.S. When first time you install the app and run it, it will take some time 30sec to 1 min as it fetches the location and does some background processing, so give it a minute. Once it runs for the first time it will start instantaneously.

Awards :

Honourable mention at Nasscom’s hackathon TachNgage.


Nasscom TechNgage