This poem talks about the poet’s desire to do time travel to his past to advice his younger self towards a path of happiness.

There reeks a sense of deep longing,
A longing to meet the alter ego of my lost past.
To travel through the folds of the time dust,
To meet the boy squealing under the life’s thrust.

To stroke his head with a kind touch,
To soothe his predicaments with a sensible advice.
To ask him not to be scared of the life’s vice,
To ask him not to worry about that bully’s size.

To ask him to tread the Invictus paths,
To tell him that he is good enough for every task.
To tell him that he is a lovable soul,
To convince him to take that girl out for a stroll.

To tell him to turn those tears into fire,
To press him not to kill his own for other’s desires.
To ask him to take it easy on himself,
To tell him its okay to fail in some tests.

I want to kill all those negative thoughts,
I want to soothe his deep insecurities with wisdom of life’s sorts.
I want to tell him its fine chase his dreams,
I want to give the wings back to his stunted teens.

To propel Singh to set the stage on fire,
To inspire him to punch back when the straits are dire.
O lord give me a chance to make that journey at last,
To save the childhood of your troubled son, in this rendezvous with the debilitated past.