I walk the paths of the dusty terrain,
I dance to the sounds of the falling rain.

I enjoy the first rays of the morning sun,
I adore the innocence of the children’s fun.

I love to laugh on a bad joke,
I enjoy the humour of a sarcastic poke.

I enjoy the journey to the places unknown,
I cherish the perspective of a stranger forlorn.

I love to see the dog wiggle its tail to care,
I love to help the friends going through times despair.

I love to get beguiled by the beauty of a women’s eyes,
I love to hug the people full of despise.

Because I know when the end is near,
I will reflect upon these good times with smiles and flair.

The money is a myth so is the fame,
I am the hoarder of memories that flash in the light of my extinguishing flame.

Mai yaadon ka sudagar hoon nikla hu yaadon se bharne apna pitara,

Kuch khushnuma si hain, kuchh ranjo ghum ki hain toh kya malal,

Aji agar ye zakhm lete hain kisi ka naam toh kuch naam marham vaale bhi toh hain.