Within the void were the seeds of ectasy, shrivelled yet hopeful for your angelic touch,

The autumn was long, for fear it laid to the spirits of love.. ahh a separation far too long

Then came the winds of the mid-spring blossom with a girl whose smile just made the hearts melt

The long night started to make way, for the light had just cast its magic

The seeds sprouted with a fresh fervour, her nurturing love making the buds grow.

The beauty of that second was worth a million years for the joy in her eyes was the ultimate bliss.

Is this love temporary like all things in life, for the dark winter one day is inevitable.

But what’s life without a sprinkle of magic, for one day the winds will again rise, hustling away the clouds of despair.

One day we will love again, like a phoenix from our ashes we will again rise…