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Here are some things that you should know about me.

Aryan Singh

Data Scientist, ML Practitioner
Hi ! My name is Aryan. I am a Senior Data Scientist with five years of experience of delivering data driven decisions and insights to clients across Retail, LnE, Publication and Manufacturing. I have worked on and delivered end to end ML solutions in Supervised, Unsupervised ML domain and NLP.

Companies Worked For

Powering business growth through data driven insights

Data Scientist working on Customer analytics, Marketing analytics, NLP and Deep Learning

Machine Learning Engineer working on customer analytics in retail and NLP in publication. Price Optimization, Demand Forecasting, Promotion and personalization.

Cleaning up of huge csv data and load into the oracle database. Finding the cheapest possible route for evacuation of containers from a surplus site to a deficit one using SAS.

Startup initiative to sell pet accessories and food online. Co-developer of the inventory dashboard and backend. Technologies : MySQL, Magento.

Developed and designed the website for Toothed Saanjh 2013 - An annual dental conference held at Amritsar, India.

Developed and designed the website for ICETEC 2013 - An annual technology conference held at Guru Nanak Dev University.


Things that I'm good at.

Marketing Analytics
Retail Analytics
Experiment Design
Deep Learning

Research Projects & POCs

My Work.


Tensorflow 2.0 in 2 minutes

Tensorflow 2.0-alpha was released a couple of days ago with a bunch of exciting features. It can be installed by following command: pip install -U –pre tensorflow In this post I explore the 17 most key features among them. The purpose is to make this short, crisp but touch on all the major pointers. Improvement […]


How to choose the Machine Learning algorithm to use for a problem?

The choice of machine learning algorithm to solve a particular problem is very hard to determine before trying a bunch of algorithms along with hyperparameter optimisation. But there are some pointers that can be kept in mind while figuring out the right algorithm: 1. Time Series Data: For data having one dependent variable in the […]


What do NaMo’s speeches convey?

This weekend while wandering around the labyrinths of internet, I stumbled upon the corpus of Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s speeches. I thought it would be interesting to analyse the speeches to see what are the main issues he speaks about and what is the overall connotation of the speeches. In this blog, I […]


Training Machine Learning Models in Cloud: FloydHub – Part 2

In the last tutorial we saw how to train a Deep Learning model on Floydhub GPU via Jupyter notebooks. In this week’s blog I am going to demonstrate how to run a local python script on the Floydhub GPU. Till step 4 the process remains same as the previous post where we create a Floydhub […]


Training Machine Learning Models In Cloud: FloydHub

Training machine learning models can be a time-consuming task and can take several hours to days to train a model especially if the model is a dense deep neural network. Recently I faced a similar issue while trying to run a feedforward net with GridSearch for a classification problem. Since my laptop lacks a GPU […]